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MSK Clinic

Assessment and treatment for patients with musculoskeletal problems.‚Äč

For up to 70 % of patients referred to orthopedics for consultation, surgery is not the definitive treatment for their problem.  For a very high proportion of those patients, physiotherapy, in combination with non-surgical treatment, provides that definitive treatment, or certainly a major proportion of it.

The musculoskeletal multidisciplinary approach allows comprehensive assessment and ongoing management of non-surgical musculoskeletal problems.

The MSK physician, works side by side with an experienced MSK physical therapist, maintaining good communication to ensure consistency and continuity of the management and investigation of the patients problem, minimizing non value added steps and wait times for the patient to progress along an integrated care pathway.  It also allows timely referral on for orthopedic assessment should the patient's problem fail to resolve with conservative management.

The MSK Clinic is located in Killam but is available to all Kalyna Country PCN patients.