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Medication Concerns

​Patient's medications can be reviewed by a Pharmacist or Nurse Practitioner who will make further recommendations regarding medication. This service is normally designed for people who are on 5 or more medications.

PCN Pharmacists can help patients with many concerns and questions regarding their medications. This can include education on the risks and benefits of taking medication and any possible side effects, as well as the importance of talking to a family physician before stopping any medication. Through these services patients can also receive training about how to take their medication properly to avoid complications.

PCN pharmacists, nurses and doctors all work together to provide medication education and to review the medications of patients to make sure they are receiving the best possible care and treatment.

For the appointment:

  • Bring a list of your questions or concerns.

  • Bring all you medications, natural products, vitamins, supplements and medications used occasionaly.

  • A family member or friend can accompany you.