**COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS If you have COVID-19 symptoms, complete the online self-assessment at ahs.ca/covid to determine if you should receive testing. DO NOT visit a hospital, lab, or healthcare facility without phoning your family doctor or Health Link at 811 first. Call 911 if you are seriously ill and need immediate medical attention.


Kalyna Country Primary Care Network

VISION: Proactive care that conquers the burden of disease.   /   MISSION: Primary Healthcare closer to home.

Reducing the Impact of Financial Strain


The HelpSeeker app gives you access to 250k+ community, health, and social services that enables you to provide help to those in need when they need it the most.
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This is our partnership with Go Get Fit to encourage exercise and health improvement in Kalyna Country. Go Get Fit is a fitness tracker app that connects exercisers with their healthcare providers. It allows providers to view and provide support for your activity quickly and efficiently. This is a solution for you to have support beyond the clinic healthcare provided.
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