Well Woman Clinic

The Well Woman Clinic offers a range of services, health information, and education sensitive to women’s needs.  Discussion regarding health monitoring and illness prevention through the adult lifespan. 

Well Woman Clinic – General Health: 

 The health needs of women will change as they go through various stages of life unique to them, including starting a family and experiencing menopause. It is important for women to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout all these stages. The PCN women’s health programs and clinics are here to help with that.  

  • Pap tests, pelvic and breast exams 
  • Birth control counseling, education, and prescribing  
  • Menstrual concerns 
  • Menopause screening and management 
  • Osteoporosis screening and care 
  • Sexually transmitted infection testing & treatment  
  • Female bladder concerns 
  • Health promotion strategies   
  • Well Woman Clinic – Safe and Healthy Pregnancy: 

The PCN Women’s Health services are also there to help women maintain a safe and healthy pregnancy. The PCN nurses can provide information to women about how best to stay healthy during pregnancy. Pre and postnatal care are also available to expectant mothers. This can include scheduled prenatal appointments and postnatal appointments to ensure the health of both mother and baby after delivery. 

This service is currently offered at these PCN locations: Tofield, Vegreville, Vermilion, Viking, Hardisty, Killam

Special Clinics: